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Contract Management

Computer screen showing contract management app
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The Contract Management Solution provides a paperless workflow for contract development from initiation through approvals, monitoring each step for seamless administration of the process.

Electronic commerce has evolved and grown in such a way that it is no longer perceived as a luxury but rather a necessity. Citizens have become increasingly dependent upon the Internet to transact business, as the private sector has built an authoritative presence on the Internet. Even more, the public at-large has come to expect the same level of service of public sector entities as is available in the private sector.

For high-volume organizations, such as municipalities, contract processing has historically been both a cumbersome and manual task. Contracts typically change hands and cross many desks between initiation and close-out, inviting the potential for delay and error.

Our automated Contract Management solution initiates the contract and continues through approvals, monitoring each step until completion allowing for seamless administration throughout the process.

  • Online vendor registration for communication and contract access.
  • A Contract Builder tool for selection of boiler plates, program narratives, attachments & measurement standards.
  • Tracking for each contract via a pre-defined desk-to-desk path through the approval process to pin-point delays or errors.
  • Automated approvals and e-Signature.
  • Ongoing monitoring through the dashboard.
  • Automated communications via email.
  • Management of related contract documents.
  • Monitoring of measurement milestones.
  • Options for renewal (recurring) or archival.

Promote Constituent Satisfaction by offering a simplified means for transactions government can build significant goodwill, while ensuring constituents that their tax dollars are being put to use in an effective and efficient manner. Further, the automation of tasks frees government employees to focus on producing exceptional service.

The Contract Management System is in production at multiple client locations. Our clients have seen many benefits of the system including, but not limited to, an increased number of contracts being processed while maintaining existing staffing levels … savings realized for both the applicant and the processor. Contact us to learn more about the Contract Management System.

Services Provided:

  • Web Application Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance and Support